My Reading Corner

#QOTD – Do you have a reading nook, or do you prefer reading anywhere?

My husband’s room had this window on which I have been crushing on since I started dating him, when I went to his house for the first time! A regular window with a platform, but I loved the idea of it being a space all by itself.

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Since I got married last year January, I never had the time to explore this space. I just got a Sunday at home which was taken over by the needful household chores. Finally when the pandemic took over the world, most of my 2020 went by with me sitting at this place for almost everything! I started clicking my bookstagram pictures over here. I would sit with a cup of coffee and dreamily look outside or curl up with a book or wind down my day with a glass of wine!

But then again, sitting on a regular window platform is uncomfortable as it gets, and this didn’t go unnoticed by the husband! So as an anniversary gift, he re-did the window platform and made it into a window seat. He got a mattress done, threw cushions (covers coming from PaperQuirks Stationery Box) and put a string of fairy lights! Basically, he gifted me my space (literally)!

I absolutely adore this reading corner of mine! This reading corner is perfect, with a lot of light as it is near the window where I can stare out into nothing and everything at all. I sometimes keep a wooden board where I set my coffee and snacks on. Light some scented candles, play some soft music on my iPad, take my throw and make it all cosy!

You won’t find me reading in any other place of the house now! I mean would you want to leave this place?


13 thoughts on “My Reading Corner

  1. this looks comfy and bright without any electrical interference. so i feel i need to have such set up , u never may be the person in future of my life may share it on her blog or with friends like u 🙂

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