Oxford | Radcliffe Camera


Oxford is famous for its spectacular architecture – but many agree that the Radcliffe Camera is its most beautiful building.

This is a small attempt by me to capture, at least half of the beauty that Rad Cam is!

The Rad Cam, also known as the “heart of Oxford”, was designed by James Gibbs built between 1737 and 1749.

It has been a ‘camera’ (or ‘room’) since 1860 when it became what it remains today, a reading room of The Bodleian Library, which is part of the University Of Oxford.

Not freely open to the public, non-members can see the interior of the Radcliffe Camera by booking onto an hour-and-a-half guided tour organized through The Bodleian Library. As well as the Radcliffe Camera, this tour also visits the fifteenth-century Divinity School, Convocation House, Chancellor’s Court, Duke Humfrey’s medieval library and the modern Gladstone Link tunnel.


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    1. Hi. Saw your blog. You have got some beautiful art in their. Those mandalas are wow! But I am not able to individually like your pictures in the blog or even comment on them! Just look into it in case anybody else is facing the same issue!

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