Hello there!

Thank you for stumbling onto my blog!
I am kicking this off with my life as my muse.

Although an economist, I myself have lived a life of financial regret, and constantly kept wondering why I never had enough. I been pulled into the world of insane credit card bills and debt, and finally it clicked – I have to become financially fit.

Channel V’s title to me ‘Sexy Danceaholic’, since dance, for me, is not just an art or a hobby, it’s my passion, my expression, the language of my soul. So I gave myself the name ‘Nrityankita – Live the Art of Dance’.

Caught guilty of readultery, because I admit to have been unfaithful to one book, by reading another concurrently. Well, in the world of books, much like the world we live in now, there is no point looking for “the one”.

With a problematic skin and a plump figure, I have explored how to be in vogue and love my gorgeous self. After rounds and rounds of trying skincare products – both store-bought and homemade (led to excessive shopping – its like a cycle), I realized I don’t need a perfect skin, I need a happy skin!

My new found interest in art has inspired me to try my hand on the canvas with acrylics, sketches and illustrations.

Having stayed in Delhi – Rajshahi (Bangladesh) – Guwahati – Jakarta – Oxford – Calcutta, my wanderlust gets me to explore new places, taste different cuisines and pick up a new language!

So you can look forward to me rambling on reviews of books, how I manage my spending addiction, my travelogues, my restaurant picks, my style statements, my dancing mania and my new found interest in art. If anything excites you or bores you, just let me know.

Apparently, I have a smile that can brighten up your day, and a frown that can kill it.

So I assure you, your day will only be brightened here!

Hope you enjoy my blog.


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ankita. Didn’t know you blogged as well. Stumbled upon it on my Linkedin profile. I don’t know if you remember that we were classmates in GMIS. Anyways, great blog! I’ll be reading the travel and book reviews. Let’s keep in touch!

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  2. I just love the way you arranged your blog…it is really tidy…You are as beautiful as your words & poems and your blog more beautifully arranged than your words. I am learning this new thing from you.

    Thank you dear and wish you very all the best.

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    1. Thank you so much!! I am glad that you like the blog and the layout. I have read your poems and blogs, and I really loved them!
      I started my blog last year, so I don’t have many views and followers! Such comments from bloggers like you really works as inspiration!
      All the best to you too!

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  3. Hey, just wanted to let you know I have mentioned your blog in my latest post-https://yoursbookfully.in/2023/03/29/i-am-unsure-about-reading-these-bestselling-books-can-you-help/
    Check it out and share your thoughts if you have read the books mentioned in the post. Thanks! Happy blogging.


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