Bali | Sunset Dinner at Jimbaran Bay

If you ever go to Bali, never miss this unique opportunity to dine on the sand and to savor the experience of fire-grilled seafood, Indonesian style. The white sand beach on the other side is littered with tables and buzzing with activity. When you enter the Jimbaran Bay, you will have over 40 warungs to choose from. There are aquariums outside the warungs, and you can select … Continue reading Bali | Sunset Dinner at Jimbaran Bay

Jakarta Moments | Banyak Machet

The traffic in the Indonesian capital is epic. Traffic jams are an everyday cross to be borne by commuters. But what really amazes an Indian is just how patiently this cross is borne. Jakarta’s traffic snarls are accompanied by the eeriest of silences. There is no tooting of horns. No acts of random violence. Instead of abusing in frustration, as is the norm in New Delhi, … Continue reading Jakarta Moments | Banyak Machet