Delhi Moments | Ram Laddoo Ki Jai!

Delhi’s street food is incomplete without having Ram Laddoos! It is delicious and lip smacking, is readily available and easy on the pocket. It is basically fried pakodas made from moong dal or chana dal batter, served topped with tangy and spicy chutneys and laced with grated daikon radish. And the deep-fried batter-coated green chillies is an added spicy bonus! Ram ladoo is one of my favorite … Continue reading Delhi Moments | Ram Laddoo Ki Jai!

Oxford | The Head Of The River

Riverside pub in the heart of Oxford. These riverside locations are beautiful to sit and have a scenic luncheon with friends! They also have B&B. Inking this one into my sketchbook! I love the names that these English people give to their pubs! They have their own little charm!   Location: The Head of the River Folly Bridge, St Aldate’s, Oxford Contact: +44 1865 721600 … Continue reading Oxford | The Head Of The River

Kolkata | Flury’s

Finally made it to this place which has been running since 1927, for their classic English breakfast. The platter is gigantic and a fulfilling brunch that will buck you up for many hours. We tried the usual English breakfast accompanied with beverages. The price was 950 including beverages, and 750 excluding beverages. It might appear to be a little overpriced given the fact that it … Continue reading Kolkata | Flury’s

Kolkata | Mocambo

Mocambo dates back to 1956, but with old-fashioned seats in scalloped red leather, it feels more like a mood-lit 1970s steakhouse. There are certain places that define Kolkata. Mocambo is one of the many. You take your friends from other parts of the country when they visit Kolkata, to Victoria Memorial and then to Mocambo. A very loyal following comes here for their devilled crab, … Continue reading Kolkata | Mocambo

Kolkata | Waterside Café, Hyatt

When the address says, Hyatt, we know we are dealing with some pretty classy stuff here! The Waterside Cafe is a 24-hour hotel cafe with high French windows, charming interiors, well-maintained greens and the aqua pool; the ambiance in the aptly named Waterside Cafe is stunning. It’s a grand ambiance, although the food was just about average. It was good, but Calcutta has better options. … Continue reading Kolkata | Waterside Café, Hyatt

Delhi | Rajinder da Dhaba

This eatery has evolved from being a tiny roadside stall to a set of three blooming diners: Rajinder Da Dhaba, Rajinder Xpress and RDX restaurant. Located in South Delhi’s Safdarjung Enclave market, Rajinder Dhaba is a hub of lip-smacking kebab rolls, spicy, thick curries and a range of Chinese and Indian delicacies. My all-time favourite dish from there is their Galauti Kebab. So bloody soft and juicy! … Continue reading Delhi | Rajinder da Dhaba

Bali | Sunset Dinner at Jimbaran Bay

If you ever go to Bali, never miss this unique opportunity to dine on the sand and to savor the experience of fire-grilled seafood, Indonesian style. The white sand beach on the other side is littered with tables and buzzing with activity. When you enter the Jimbaran Bay, you will have over 40 warungs to choose from. There are aquariums outside the warungs, and you can select … Continue reading Bali | Sunset Dinner at Jimbaran Bay