Delhi Moments | Ram Laddoo Ki Jai!

Delhi’s street food is incomplete without having Ram Laddoos! It is delicious and lip smacking, is readily available and easy on the pocket. It is basically fried pakodas made from moong dal or chana dal batter, served topped with tangy and spicy chutneys and laced with grated daikon radish. And the deep-fried batter-coated green chillies is an added spicy bonus! Ram ladoo is one of my favorite … Continue reading Delhi Moments | Ram Laddoo Ki Jai!

Delhi | Rajinder da Dhaba

This eatery has evolved from being a tiny roadside stall to a set of three blooming diners: Rajinder Da Dhaba, Rajinder Xpress and RDX restaurant. Located in South Delhi’s Safdarjung Enclave market, Rajinder Dhaba is a hub of lip-smacking kebab rolls, spicy, thick curries and a range of Chinese and Indian delicacies. My all-time favourite dish from there is their Galauti Kebab. So bloody soft and juicy! … Continue reading Delhi | Rajinder da Dhaba

Delhi Moments | Gender Stereotyped

Coddled, fragile, sensitive. Virile, strong, cerebral. The homemaker and the breadwinner.  Family versus career. The list of stereotypes that was born out the masculine/feminine construct could go on forever. And it’s so extensive that it seems to have been here since the dawn of time. Pink for girls, blue for boys! This is just one of those stereotypes! From birthday parties, to maternity wards to … Continue reading Delhi Moments | Gender Stereotyped

Delhi Moments | Egoless Rejections

The other day my friend and I were sitting in the Londoners Bistro & Pub in GK 1, when two guys came up to us and started a conversation. They definitely wanted to buy us a drink, or may be take us out for a coffee. They complimented us. We smiled. We refused politely. They smiled. They left. Although we politely refused their offer, I … Continue reading Delhi Moments | Egoless Rejections

Delhi Moments | Machine Ka Thanda Paani

With the onset of summer, the unkind sun is upon us again. Respite from the blistering heat for people on the Delhi streets come in the form of banta soda, shikanji, sherbets, and, of course, water. As I walked through CP, I looked out for the ‘machine ka thanda pani’ stalls, almost in vain. Just as I was about to give in to the temptations … Continue reading Delhi Moments | Machine Ka Thanda Paani

Street Art Museum – Lodhi Art District

Lodhi Colony for me is my childhood abode. I played and cycled for hours in the D1 block. I went for morning jogs with my friends to the Lodhi Garden. I had that scrumptious chowmein from Bhoj in Khanna Market. I also bought birthday gifts for my friends from Meher Chand. So the other day I though of visiting my childhood again after 13 years. And … Continue reading Street Art Museum – Lodhi Art District

Delhi Moments | Amrakh Winters

Childhood winters in Delhi were about unlimited sourness. Mothers basking in the sun, sitting on the charpai, popping moongfallis (peanuts), knitting sweaters, binging on the latest neighborhood gossip and we kids playing pitthoo and pakdam pakdai, popping ber, amrakh and kacchi imli. I don’t know if Lodhi Colony is still the same. Do the households still have charpais, or have they shifted to savvy beds … Continue reading Delhi Moments | Amrakh Winters