Art Is All About Freedom

2017-10-01-13-19-53-341_37466470621_o“I have not intended to denigrate or hurt the beliefs of anyone through my art.”

These are the words of M.F. Hussain. So yes, art is all about freedom! Creative freedom and economic freedom!

But is the freedom to embrace controversy and diversity of opinion enough to flourish! I guess not. The arts also need the economic, social or political climate to survive. Art is supposed to be an act of freedom, then why do people have rules and limitations set on it? How do you let your creativity run wild with barriers in your mind?

Psychological motivation definitely drives creativity, but economic circumstances influence the ability of artists to express their aesthetic aspirations. Specifically, artistic independence requires financial independence and a strong commercial market.

Capitalism generates the wealth that enables individuals to support themselves through art. The artistic professions, a relatively recent development in human history, flourish with economic growth. If we are earning from tiresome physical labor, we hardly can enjoy our flights of fancy. Capitalism funds alternative sources of financial support, allowing artists to invest in skills, undertake long-term projects, pursue the internal logic of their chosen genre or niche, and develop their marketing abilities.

Perhaps ironically, the market economy increases the independence of the artist from the immediate demands of the culture-consuming public. Many artists cannot make a living from their craft, and require external sources of financial support. This is not a sign of market failure. Failure is when the art market is unable to recognize an artist. Otherwise, a wealthy economy offers the comfort in which artists can find the means to satisfy their creative desires.




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