Art Is All About Freedom

“I have not intended to denigrate or hurt the beliefs of anyone through my art.” These are the words of M.F. Hussain. So yes, art is all about freedom! Creative freedom and economic freedom! But is the freedom to embrace controversy and diversity of opinion enough to flourish! I guess not. The arts also need the economic, social or political climate to survive. Art is … Continue reading Art Is All About Freedom

Hard Times Need Strong Beer

One has to agree, hard times need strong beer! Life’s guilty pleasures usually thrive during hard economic times. Though we may abandon new dresses or fancy dinners, we do tend to turn to smoking and drinking — to help ease our pain. Beer consumption, unlike other categories of alcoholic beverages, apparently increases with unemployment, as noticed by Economists David Blake and Angelika Nied in 1997. So basically, one … Continue reading Hard Times Need Strong Beer

10 Quotes Every Economist Will Relate To

The other day I was looking for some good quotes to liven up my workspace. But I could just not find anything good on being an economist. It’s like a geeky or a nerdy or a…I don’t know, it’s like we economists are supposed to be very serious. We can have fun too. We add colours to the graphs we make. That is fun! So … Continue reading 10 Quotes Every Economist Will Relate To