Balwant Kaur Na Aayi

To gaayein papad wale awaaz mein – “Saarya bibiyan aayiyan Balwant Kaur na aayi O te kendisi main barah vaje aawangi – 2 Itthe vaj gaye dhaiiiii Balwant Kaur na aayi” If I have to talk about meeting the cast of a serial, then there is no way that I won’t mention about saddi Balwant Kaur!!! Thanks to Barun Sobti and Akshay Dogra for giving … Continue reading Balwant Kaur Na Aayi

Art Is All About Freedom

“I have not intended to denigrate or hurt the beliefs of anyone through my art.” These are the words of M.F. Hussain. So yes, art is all about freedom! Creative freedom and economic freedom! But is the freedom to embrace controversy and diversity of opinion enough to flourish! I guess not. The arts also need the economic, social or political climate to survive. Art is … Continue reading Art Is All About Freedom

My Alter Ego

I like to keep quiet Why express everything She can’t stop her blabbering Putting down every imaginable detail She needs constant company Awkwardness dawns otherwise I should be left alone To have a little time with myself She dances like fire With zeal in her eyes I pen down her obsession With passion in my words Like a social butterfly She charms the folks With … Continue reading My Alter Ego

Happy Mail From HT Brunch

Receiving mail is always a happy thing! I got this gorgeous mail package from HT Brunch last week! It has a beautiful letter, with 5 Hindustan Times Brunch Magazines. They have sent a beautiful body lotion from Suparna Trikha’s products. The package also has a Adrak Elaichi (Ginger Cardamom) Tea from Chaayos! A beautiful ‘Malai Maarke’ mug and a Delhi based theme notebook from the … Continue reading Happy Mail From HT Brunch

Dance Love – How Dance Survived With Me Through My Postgrad!

This is a throwback post to how dance survived with me through my Postgrad! My final year of undergrads was all work and no dance! I started to wonder how I will manage to keep dance present in my life. Postgrads will be bloody hell tough. I would never have the time, and then I saw something fantastic! My university had a dance society and … Continue reading Dance Love – How Dance Survived With Me Through My Postgrad!