What’s In My Bag? | Office Edition

The other day my mother-in-law saw my everyday work bag, and exclaimed that it looks like one of those celeb bags! No, not that it is a luxury brand, but because it was organized and all.

Then I went through that new vlogging trend, “What’s In My Bag?” where they show the contents of a celeb’s bag spread out prettily and then interview the star about all the perfect items she totes around? I was watching a few of those videos, and loved how different the contents of our bags are.

2020-03-01-15-24-22-976So of course I thought it would be hilarious to actually see what’s in my bag. Have a celeb moment of my own. So let’s see what’s in my bag, and know my everyday essentials.

Firstly, let’s talk about the bag itself. I should start by saying, I do not have a fetish for bags, although they are one of my favorite accessories. But I am not a bag fanatic! I carry a tan colored Baggit bag to my office everyday.  Here is a peek inside my bag that I am currently carrying.

  1. Wallet – The most essential one with all the money – both cash and cards! Currently using this Berry Quin Tiny Stash Pouch from Daily Objects. I know its not your traditional wallet but its light to carry and looks good!
  2. My spectacles (because I need to see) and my shades (also powered because I need to see).
  3. Headphones – Talk hands free. Listen to music. Watch a movie. A definite need.
  4. My camera lens coffee flask – I either carry cold coffee or a detox green smoothie or a banana peanut smoothie in it. Depends on the mood.
  5. I am pretty prone to getting hungry if I don’t eat snacks throughout the day! So that little turquoise box to carry snacks like raisins, nuts etc.
  6. A small pouch for my cold remedies and prevention. It has my hand sanitizer, some band aids, paracetamol, vitamin-e capsules, pain killers, eye drops, a little compressed towel tablet from Mumuso, earbuds, cotton and some mints.
  7. Then I have my Berry Quin Regular Stash Pouch from Daily Objects which carries my beauty essentials like an eye liner, kajal, lipstick, hand cream, lip balm, MAC strobe cream (in a small travel size tub), moisturizer, my Kama face mist (rose water) and a travel size perfume. Also a sanitary napkin!
  8. A book, always. Either a paperback or a kindle is always there with me!
  9. And lastly a traveler’s notebook and a pen. To scribble, make notes, doodle around, write expenses, make lists!

Because I keep all of these items in my bag, it makes it a little easier for me to work through the day! I am gonna keep you guys posted with other editions of what’s in my bag! And I would love to find out that what’s in you bag? I might be missing out on some essentials that can be life saving! Do let me know!



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