Harry Potter Scrapbook From A Young Little Potterhead

I have waited for my acceptance letter from Hogwarts. I have grown up with the constant company of Harry, Hermione, Ron, Neville and Ginny! I have been tricked by Fred & George. I have been loved by the Weasleys, and loathed by the Malfoys. I have been pampered by Hagrid and Sirius. I have shopped in Diagon Alley & enjoyed Butterbeer in the Three Broomsticks. I have judged Snape and then regretted it. I have fought the deatheaters. I have hated Umbridge more than Voldemort. And I know it’s levi-O-sa not levi-o-SAR.

Yes! I belong to the Potter generation!
So here is a scrapbook which I conjured when I was that young little Potterhead!


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