Street Art Museum – Lodhi Art District

Lodhi Colony for me is my childhood abode. I played and cycled for hours in the D1 block. I went for morning jogs with my friends to the Lodhi Garden. I had that scrumptious chowmein from Bhoj in Khanna Market. I also bought birthday gifts for my friends from Meher Chand.

So the other day I though of visiting my childhood again after 13 years. And the face of Lodhi Colony had completely changed. And the biggest change that I loved was the city’s first open-air public art district, which was established by an NGO named St+Art.

The area has about 26 odd walls between the Khanna Market and the Mehar Chand Market, which burst out in riot of not only colours but also various thoughts and emotions. Out of all, my favourites are below –


Oh! And these walls are very Instagrammable. So click away and make your feed all bold and colourful.


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