Medellín | Ganso & Castor

A small cafe, with no more than three tables on the sidewalk and a handful inside. I haven’t been to France, but this place is like a miniature French bistro they describe in books! It’s pretty and small  and a perfect place for a sumptuous breakfast, or a tasty lunch – or may be a wild brunch ! It compels you to dress up nice and pretty, and only then can you show up!

Look at us, looking all pretty & waiting to attack on the food!

We went for a heavy brunch with the Huevos Benedictinos (Eggs Benedict with asparagus), Huevos Florentinos – (Florentine Eggs), and Huevos Estrellados (Starry Eggs). They also have Greek yogurt, pancakes, French toast and omelettes.

Huevos Benedictinos – Eggs Benedict
Huevos Florentinos – Florentine Eggs
Huevos Estrellados – Starry Eggs

Do not miss the Cremoso De Chocolate Semi Amargo (Semi Bitter Chocolate Cream) if you have a sweet tooth! It was a plateful of edible love. With that we took a little hit with the Cafes Con Bailey’s O Amaretto (Coffee with Bailey’s & Amaretto)!

Cremoso De Chocolate Semi Amargo & Cafes Con Bailey’s O Amaretto

Note: Remember that they prefer to take a lot of time to serve, so do not go in a hurry!

Location: Cra. 43e #11a-30, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Phone no.: +57 4 3222012


2 thoughts on “Medellín | Ganso & Castor

  1. You forgot to mention the “agua con pepino” … so soothing … wonderful writeup btw of this wonderful place with a lovely ambience surrounded by the Museum and el Parque 😍

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