Review | The Hindu Way by Shashi Tharoor

The Hindu Way is my fourth book by Shashi Tharoor, first three being, The Great Indian Novel, An Era of Darkness and Why I am Hindu. Tharoor’s writing has detailed research and opinions, and it is kind of growing on me.

In this book, he considers Hinduism to be a religion of the 21st century due to its sustainable and practical aspects. Various accounts of the religion has been discussed. Its belief systems, schools of thought, sects, tenets, scriptures, deities, rituals, customs, festivals and philosophies. Referencing has been taken from the Vedas, Upanishads and other holy texts. The use of illustrations gives an extra visual experience. I like how he criticizes the religion for the caste system which differentiates people even today.

Shashi Tharoor does not come across as an apologist to a religion which is normally built on superstition. He emphasizes on the religion having no one way, yet by the end of the book we do see a little of Tharoor’s own bias.

Overall a book written with the idea of spreading the Hindu way of life and not to push or pull anyone towards Hinduism.


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