Why I love buying used books?

#QOTD – Do you buy used books?

Its amazing that we have never had so much choice when it comes to what we pick up and read. Added to libraries & coffee shops, we now have bucket-loads of content available from our phones, tablets and Kindles. Yet reading a physical book has it own charm. But is buying brand new books always necessary? So why do I love buying previously owned books?

  1. Obviously you will save money, while you find some beautiful vintage covers.
  2. The smell and feel of the pages of an old book are something else altogether. Used books, have spent years collecting their own unique scent. 
  3. It is true that whenever someone owns a book, a little bit of them stays in the book. And with a second-hand book you might just be able to see a glimpse of who the previous owner was. You will often stumble across personal messages, jottings, and folded letters inside these old books, which kind of add to their charm. I have found faded, pressed flowers between pages in books long undisturbed.
  4. The book is already bent a little, torn a little, has rumpled pages and is almost tattered. Instead of worrying about maintaining the crisp, coffee-stain-free pages of freshly printed books, an used book give you more freedom to read!
  5. You can exchange your existing books in a used books store!


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