Sugar Lip Crayons – When Fictional Women Go Matte As Hell!

2018-02-18-12-04-18-599 - CopyI love it when cosmetics have unique names. Names that almost define their products!

The Matte As Hell Lip Crayons from Sugar Cosmetics have a fantastic name range! All from amazing fictional women!

Scarlett O’Hara is a bright red and is as bold and confident as her from Gone With The Wind.
Mary Poppins, a fuchsia cannot go unnoticed just like her!
Poison Ivy just like that super-villain, this will add a touch of mystery to your entire look.
Holly Golightly is a nude with pink undertone and is classy enough to be worn for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
Rose Dawson, a rose pink shade which will set hearts aflutter with beauty, grace and a dollop of passion, just like she did with Jack in Titanic.
Viola, evidently has to have two sides like Shakespeare wrote her, a mauve-nude that’s bold enough for daytime and subtle enough for the nights.
Princess Peach is as cute, bright and pretty as she was in Mario.
Elle Woods, a secret star in Legally Blonde, this subtle brown nude will be your secret weapon for natural looking lips.

They have more, but these girls are my favorites!


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