What’s in your mind?

What do you imagine about when you hold that brush and make a stroke? What do you see when you click a beautiful picture? Where does your mind run when you hold that pen and scrawl a brilliant poem? What do you think when you listen to that music and sway yourself to create a dance piece? Continue reading What’s in your mind?

My Alter Ego

I like to keep quiet Why express everything She can’t stop her blabbering Putting down every imaginable detail She needs constant company Awkwardness dawns otherwise I should be left alone To have a little time with myself She dances like fire With zeal in her eyes I pen down her obsession With passion in my words Like a social butterfly She charms the folks With … Continue reading My Alter Ego


Oh darling, take a seat Learn from the experts I will dress you up in success  Teach you to walk the walk When I speak, the season’s latest silk seems crude You will never be the stuttering idiot Always the star at your office meetings, a hit with the ladies, a catch amongst the gentleman. People confuse my charm for arrogance, but that’s how naive … Continue reading Sophisticated

I am a Woman – Am I really free?

My breasts were fondled Not by a lover, but by a stranger on a bus. I have been rated from 1-10 When I wandered around the city. I have had penises flashed at me Whose owners I know not. I can hold my own on everyday debates. I can hum to my favorite songs. I can express my love for literature. I can dance without any inhibition. … Continue reading I am a Woman – Am I really free?