Wedding Special (1) – Sweety Tera Drama (Dance Cover)

With November, comes the wedding season!! Weddings means looking gorgeous, glamorous saris and mekhla chadars and lehengas, elaborate jewellery, and lots of latka-jhatkas!! Whether it is grooving in the Barati swag, or performing in the Sangeet ceremony, or even drunk dancing in the bachelor’s and bachelorette party – one should enjoy it all! So here I am, with a dance cover for this season’s wedding … Continue reading Wedding Special (1) – Sweety Tera Drama (Dance Cover)


Oh darling, take a seat Learn from the experts I will dress you up in success  Teach you to walk the walk When I speak, the season’s latest silk seems crude You will never be the stuttering idiot Always the star at your office meetings, a hit with the ladies, a catch amongst the gentleman. People confuse my charm for arrogance, but that’s how naive … Continue reading Sophisticated

I am a Woman – Am I really free?

My breasts were fondled Not by a lover, but by a stranger on a bus. I have been rated from 1-10 When I wandered around the city. I have had penises flashed at me Whose owners I know not. I can hold my own on everyday debates. I can hum to my favorite songs. I can express my love for literature. I can dance without any inhibition. … Continue reading I am a Woman – Am I really free?


The mixture of alcohol and blood or is it the cocktail, of ashes of memories and tears that spill. Swaying and quivering fingers that type out texts snapping and sobering write a prose, never hit the send. One glass to down the pride, another face to take home tonight. Slurry words, dimming lights, same old face to haunt the mind. One more unsent text in … Continue reading Drunk

Delhi Moments | Everyday Nirbhaya Thoughts

16th December, 2012 – Nirbhaya Gang Rape The case which shook the entire nation has finally come to a conclusion after a five-year-long ordeal.  The Supreme Court has confirmed death for four convicts in Nirbhaya gang-rape case in Delhi. Nirbhaya gang rape case was so brutal and heinous that it changed the entire way us Indians used to look at sex crimes. It was one … Continue reading Delhi Moments | Everyday Nirbhaya Thoughts


An illusion A master of disguise Hides the tangible Before our very eyes.   When its lifted Everything is still there And the tangible Only seemed to have disappeared.   It has an air of mystery Long prevailed Dangerously intriguing Is it’s foggy veil. Continue reading Fog