Reflections| The Goddess in India by Devdutt Pattanaik

Today, I do not have a #QOTD , rather I have many questions! I question the answers that have dictated by our Hindu mythology. “Woman must accept her biology. Man does not have to.” Why does a man get to get away with it? “Fertility, not personality, is what makes woman, earth, and goddess divine.” Does this mean that a woman who doesn’t give birth, … Continue reading Reflections| The Goddess in India by Devdutt Pattanaik

The Kalki – Korona Fiction Plot

“Thus, metaphysically, Kalki will destroy everything, even death. He will destroy all structures so that none exist. In other words, he will herald Pralaya.” – Devdutt Pattanaik Does this quote remind you all of a very particular situation that the world is dealing with? No, I am not a member of the right winged Hindu Mahasabha and I am not trying to say that Corona … Continue reading The Kalki – Korona Fiction Plot

Leaving My Bookshelf Behind

Hello wormies! Happy Sunday! So today I completed exactly four months of my marriage! I moved cities (again. Another story there!) and I miss home! I miss the dinner table conversations with Maa & Deota (Dad in Assamese). I miss the green view of the park from my balcony. I miss lazing around and doing nothing on my bed! And materialistically, I miss my books … Continue reading Leaving My Bookshelf Behind

Getting Through Dickensian Literature

Finished with this humongous read. I have a little journal for all the classic reading that I do. These books have huge plots with an array of characters, and after some time it gets difficult to keep track. So to enjoy every bit of it, I do a character mapping and make small notes when required! That just makes sure that I grasp a little … Continue reading Getting Through Dickensian Literature

Coffee and Books: The Perfect Pairing For Your Day

“Give me a good cup of coffee and a book I love and I’ll forever be yours.” Coffee and books most certainly are two of my all-time favorite things in life. Now that we have been given the luxury of time with the lockdown, I am getting into some Monday blues of reading. So picking up a huge book and planning to finish it off … Continue reading Coffee and Books: The Perfect Pairing For Your Day

Love In The Time Of Corona

Two months back the country was burning under CAA and No-NRC  protests, and now with a pandemic announced, we have sidelined the citizenship issue. Today, everyone is getting a work from home. Both the religions are asked to keep their hands clean, and to avoid public places. No differences being maintained. If somebody coughs, everyone will distance from that person. Is it because he/she is … Continue reading Love In The Time Of Corona

A Holiday for Murder

Don’t you feel that a perfect murder keeps you on your toes for the holidays? The cosy mood is setting in, with delicious cookies and warm socks becoming luxury. These are my two favourite Christie murder plots – The Mousetrap and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. I love it how Agatha Christie hides her plot secrets in plain sight. Which Christie murder is your favourite … Continue reading A Holiday for Murder

Diwali Smelling Like A Pile of Old Books

Why shouldn’t my Diwali smell like a pile of old books? Diwali is always about decor, fairy lights, lamps, fireworks and looking beautiful. And yes, it is my favorite Hindu festival. I do say no to crackers but I say yes to everything else. This beautiful scented candle from Booksom is just the right thing for a book lover. Amongst, all the decor, sitting with a … Continue reading Diwali Smelling Like A Pile of Old Books

Literary Landscapes – Moors of the Baskervilles

I recently listened to a podcast by BBC Radio 4 called ‘Literary Landscapes: Ross Raisin and Yorkshire’. The episode was billed as “a ramble through northern moorland and the works inspired by it”. Of course the literary figures most associated with the Yorkshire moors are the Bronte sisters, who lived in the village of Haworth. The moorland above the Bronte Parsonage is said to be … Continue reading Literary Landscapes – Moors of the Baskervilles