Weakness, addiction, vice It has many names But it’s just an escape Sniff it, in old books,               in freshly brewed coffee,               in the skin of an old love. Consume it, in wine and chocolate,                       in warm tea in the snow. … Continue reading Drug


Oh darling, take a seat Learn from the experts I will dress you up in success  Teach you to walk the walk When I speak, the season’s latest silk seems crude You will never be the stuttering idiot Always the star at your office meetings, a hit with the ladies, a catch amongst the gentleman. People confuse my charm for arrogance, but that’s how naive … Continue reading Sophisticated

Delhi Moments | Everyday Nirbhaya Thoughts

16th December, 2012 – Nirbhaya Gang Rape The case which shook the entire nation has finally come to a conclusion after a five-year-long ordeal.  The Supreme Court has confirmed death for four convicts in Nirbhaya gang-rape case in Delhi. Nirbhaya gang rape case was so brutal and heinous that it changed the entire way us Indians used to look at sex crimes. It was one … Continue reading Delhi Moments | Everyday Nirbhaya Thoughts