Stop! Breathe! Catch-Up!

Hi everyone! I know I haven’t posted anything since long. Well, let me tell you something – I haven’t even read something for very long, haven’t journaled, haven’t sketched or illustrated! What the hell did I do all this time? I kinda got married, had functions in three different cities, had a fabulous honeymoon, and finally moved to a familiarly new city into a new … Continue reading Stop! Breathe! Catch-Up!

Delhi Moments | Egoless Rejections

The other day my friend and I were sitting in the Londoners Bistro & Pub in GK 1, when two guys came up to us and started a conversation. They definitely wanted to buy us a drink, or may be take us out for a coffee. They complimented us. We smiled. We refused politely. They smiled. They left. Although we politely refused their offer, I … Continue reading Delhi Moments | Egoless Rejections

Something About Umbrellas and Romance!

Have you guys ever wondered that umbrellas and romance go hand in hand? Is it because rains are romantic, and you can kiss under an umbrella without anybody seeing? But I live in a place where it rains a lot, and believe me, the rains irritate me more than making me feel romantic. I mean yes rains are romantic when you are lazing around at home … Continue reading Something About Umbrellas and Romance!