I am a paradox. No I am not. I am nobody yet somebody.  I add the bitter to someone’s sweet, and the shallow to their deep. The sentence below is false. The sentence above is true. I am the mad hatter’s sanity, a beggar’s vanity, and a symmetrical disparity. I am that rule which says ignore all the rules. Now I bet you are clearly … Continue reading Paradox

Oxford | The Bridge Of Sighs

Hertford Bridge is a skyway joining two parts of Hertford College over New College Lane in Oxford, England. Its distinctive design makes it a city landmark. Known to the locals as the ‘bridge of sighs’ because college students would sigh under it on their way to take their exams. It’s a pretty bridge, and you can walk underneath the bridge to the Turf Tavern and sympathize with the students over a pint. It … Continue reading Oxford | The Bridge Of Sighs

London Moments | Library London

Nope! This is not your council run local library. It’s a “members’ club tailored to the design, literary and theater worlds.” They have everything from book discussions to whisky tastings to exhibitions to theater night to live music. It’s a creative hub for the creatively curious minds. I cannot review this place because I have never been inside it. Didn’t you notice the “members’ club” … Continue reading London Moments | Library London