Review | Tomorrow I Will Be Full by Pragati Agarwal

#QOTD – What does healing mean to you, and how do you find hope and beauty in difficult times?

I came across this collection of poems by Pragati Agarwal – ‘Tomorrow I Will Be Full’, making heartbreak, emptiness, and healing feel beautiful, one poem at a time. Each word will hold your hand to tell a story of hope, when life gets dark and walk you through the phases of the moon where you embrace the darkness, fix yourself, discover self-love, stumble upon cosmic love and are full, in the end, just like the moon.

Her poems are a powerful exploration of themes related to self-love, healing, growth, and transformation. The use of the moon phases as a metaphorical framework for this journey is an unique and compelling way to structure the collection.

The poems are written in a simple yet evocative style, with a focus on emotions and personal experiences that many readers may be able to relate to.

The reading experience of this book was particularly enjoyable, as it provided a unique opportunity for personal reflection. The book features blank pages on the left-hand side, some of which have been used for doodles, while others remain empty. This allowed me to express my thoughts and emotions by doodling my reflections alongside the words of each poem. This creative element added an additional layer to the reading experience, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the words and further connect with the emotions conveyed in each poem.

Overall, “Tomorrow I Will Be Full” by @thegirlparadox is a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant collection of poems that will be of interest to all readers who enjoy contemporary poetry exploring themes of self-discovery and healing.


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