Review | Lovelight Farms by B.K. Borison

#QOTD – Do you like to binge on holiday romance?

I absolutely love to watch and read holiday romances! Although, my all time favourite Christmas movie will always be The Holiday! Amongst the new ones, I am a fan of Christmas Inheritance, which I guess was released last year! Netflix has Christmas releases lined up for every year, and I love watching those small town love stories! But I have hardly read any Christmas romance books, and I came across this one on Instagram!

This book had SO many of my favorite elements like fake dating, friends to lovers, small town romance, and great side characters. Plus it was the perfect, cozy read you need for Christmas.

Stella Bloom has loved Christmas tree farms since she was a child, and she had finally fulfilled her dream and purchased a tree farm which she has named Lovelight Farms. She finds lot of difficulties to run the farm like shipment orders never arriving, decorations ruined and financial woes. To get out of all this, she joins a contest run by an Instagram influencer, where she lies that she owns the farm with her boyfriend which actually doesn’t exist!

What follows is a great story of a small town with all the jolly vibes, where in the end the book just makes you feel good!


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