Winter Nostalgia

#QOTD – What is your winter nostalgia? What are your warm memories of the cold months?

For me, endless memories are attached to this season! Winters would always mean holidays are around the corner, Christmas is close and a new year is awaiting to begin!

Vacations would start and I would start with finding a new book recommended by my sister. That would either be a Famous Five or a Hardy Boys or a Nancy Drew!

To get more of sunlight, we would sit in the terrace or in the garden, and I would find myself a comfortable place to curl up and get lost in a good book.

Maa would make me a hot cup of cocoa to stay warm while reading. I would sit and binge on dry fruits, moongfali (peanuts) and halwa!

Layering up with a warm sweater which would be knitted by my mother, would also kinda made me all fuzzy! Cold feet can make it hard to concentrate on reading, so Delhi winters always demanded a pair of warm socks to keep my feet toasty while I read.


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