What Are Your Must Haves As A Reader?

#QOTD – What are your must haves as a reader?

  1. For me, an ever growing TBR pile is key, to always keep me in dilemma as to what to read next.
  2. A cup of strong, cold coffee to keep me company. I know tea works for many, but my cup of tea is coffee!
  3. Pretty bookmarks that can never be found, eventually making me pick up receipts and boarding passes as bookmarks.
  4. Plants and candles as my ambience builders in the cosy nooks.
  5. The couch or the reading corner which witnesses all the drama in the plot and in our minds.

For me, I can do without the ambience because everywhere from a metro ride to waiting in a café can be my reading spot. But everything else is kind of my lifestyle as a bookworm!

Tell me yours!


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