What’s In My Bag? | Office Edition Revisited

#QOTD – What’s in your bag?

I never carry small bags. Cross body slings can never fit my stuff. I am very oversized kinda person, by body type and by my bag!

So, let’s jump in and see what’s in my bag?

  1. Wallet – Cash, cards, and my multiple identities!
  2. Sanitary Pad – Because Aunty Flo might visit, somebody else if not me!
  3. Mask and Sanitizer – Post Covid must haves, although I used to carry a sanitizer before as well.
  4. Book – My current read comes with me every where!
  5. Journal and a pen – For all those trailing thoughts.
  6. AirPods – To be connected and entertained handsfree!
  7. Body Splash – Because I sweat like a pig, and that is my only way of not smelling like one too!
  8. Keys – Because how else will I enter my house!
  9. Umbrella – Because I don’t like the Sun, nor do I like getting all wet.
  10. Water – To survive!
  11. Specs – Because I might get on the wrong bus otherwise!
  12. Lipstick & Kajal – For the impromptu plans after work.
  13. Safety Pins – Nobody wants a ripped off button!
  14. My phone which is clicking what you are seeing!

6 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag? | Office Edition Revisited

  1. Great post! I am the same, I can’t leave the house without having a book, it’s just become a sort of habit I guess 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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