Book Tag – What Reader Am I?

Hello book-wormies!

I am loving the fun tag of a bookish rapid fire round from @booktographer and @the.bookish.epicure .

So lets see what do we have here –

📚Genre I stay away from?
Poetry (I don’t think I am philosophical enough to understand the depth of poetry) and non-fiction self-help books (I cannot stand advices from others).

📚Worst habits as a reader.
Making my bag heavy by carrying a paperback and a Kindle, just in case. Also, buying books despite of having a towering TBR pile.

📚Do I read the synopsis?
Not always. If I am familiar with the author, I am good to go. Else, if it has been recommended by people with whom I share the same reading taste, I pick it up blindly. Otherwise, I do read the synopsis.

📚Do I read used books?
Oh yes! Primarily, it saves money. The smell and feel of the pages of an old book are something else altogether. With a second-hand book you ge to see a glimpse of who the previous owner was. Stumbling across personal messages, jottings, and folded letters inside these old books add to their charm. I have found faded, pressed flowers between pages in books long undisturbed.

📚Favorite books from last year.
The Dictionary of Lost Words, Twelfth Night by Shakespeare and Wuthering Heights.

📚Favorite classic.
There is hardly any classic that I didn’t like. Every classic is beautiful in its own way. Vanity Fair has marked its place in my heart, because Becky Sharp is a badass and William Thackeray’s satire on the society is incomparable.

📚Books I always recommend.
Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca and Scapegoat. Lately, I have been recommending The Picture of Dorian Gray.

📚Books I didn’t like.
The Night Circus, 1984 and Moby Dick.

📚Books I’m ashamed I haven’t read yet.
There are so many I haven’t read, and I might not even get to read them all in one lifetime. So no regrets for not reading those, rather grateful for the ones I got to read.


2 thoughts on “Book Tag – What Reader Am I?

  1. I like books written in verse! I usually don’t understand most of it but I like reading them anyway😆 and I don’t like non fiction, either.
    I’ve heard the picture of Dorian gray for a really long time. Maybe I’ll get to read it this month..
    Great post!

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