Review | The Grass Harp by Truman Capote

#QOTD – As a child, did you ever dream of owning a tree house?

I know I sure did. I used to read about them in books and I used to be fascinated. We never had the right kind of tree or the place for it though, so instead my sister and I would drag pillows, blankets, maybe a chair or two, and build what we thought were forts. Countless hours of pure bliss would be spent in these forts. Now, as an adult, I wish once again for a tree house into which I could escape! Well, it’s a dream once more, and I don’t even have a substitute like my childhood forts. Truman Capote through his book took me to Collin’s, Dolly’s and Catherine’s tree house for a short time and I loved every minute of it!

Here is how the story pans out. After the death of Collin Fenwick’s parents, he is taken in by his spinster aunts Dolly and Verena Talbo. Verena’s dominance leads Dolly to leave home and go camp in a treehouse in the woods with her long-time companion, Catherine Creek, and Collin.

I don’t want to say much of what happens in that tree house. I will say that there are some little lessons from Capote about belonging, and love, and the choices we make. The tonality of the narrative is nostalgic as it is being told by an older Collin looking back many years. The grass harp was somewhat telling me their stories.


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