Review | The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald

#QOTD – What happens when a couple realizes after their marriage that they were never in love, but it was merely an infatuation?

How long does an infatuation last? And what happens once it fades away? Do we just adjust to the expectations of the society and remain in a loveless marriage? I think most of us have been taught to do just that. It leaves us with empty relationships, and unfulfilled minds. We might become bickering about everything our partner does, but we still stay together! We get stuck in that rosy period which gave us butterflies in the beginning of the relationship, but marriage is not all roses! It comes with the thorns of adulting!

The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a story about such a couple. Anthony Patch who spends his time blowing money on a semi-comfortable family income. His end plan is to inherit his grandfather’s money and live a luxurious easy life. Then there is the beautiful and vain Gloria Gilbert who believes that her beauty makes her better than others.

They hit off with a lot of passion and fire between them. Once the couple’s infatuation with each other fades, they begin to see their differences that do more harm than good. They think they are in love, but in reality, it’s merely an intense attraction topped with lust. Eventually, Anthony compensates his lack of purpose with parties, increasing alcoholism and finally an extra marital affair.

By the time the novel comes to a close, Anthony can no longer decide to save his money, remain a faithful husband, or drink responsibly, because the damage is already done. On the other hand, Gloria caught in the nostalgia of her youth, is not mentally ready to make mature adult decisions. Finally we see a wealthy couple who is morally and physically ruined.


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