My Favourite Harry Potter!

#QOTD – Which was your favourite Harry Potter book?

Mine has to be Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban! Why, you may ask. Well, for one we got our godfather – Sirius Black. He was that parent that our Harry needed since the very first book. But moreover, I love this book because for the first time I went out of Hogwarts, both physically and magically. I was introduced to all these new magical objects. I rode the Knight Bus. I travelled through time with a time turner. I solemnly swore that I was up to no good. I went to Hogsmeade and had discussions in The Three Broomsticks over a mug of butterbeer. I was run through all the sad memories, just to think of something happy to fight off the dementors. I changed a boggart into a cockroach!

Well, it’s a book where we grew up a little, yet we didn’t grow up enough to see a thestral (if you know, you know)!


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