Delhi Moments | Ram Laddoo Ki Jai!

Delhi’s street food is incomplete without having Ram Laddoos! It is delicious and lip smacking, is readily available and easy on the pocket. It is basically fried pakodas made from moong dal or chana dal batter, served topped with tangy and spicy chutneys and laced with grated daikon radish. And the deep-fried batter-coated green chillies is an added spicy bonus! Ram ladoo is one of my favorite snacks in the chilly weather and I am hit with a major fried food craving. It is available all year round, but the city corners are filled with these carts in the winters! You will find this in any market corner of the city!

P.S. – The name has nothing to do with the current ruling party of the nation. It has always been Ram Laddoo!


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