What is your reading aesthetic?

#QOTD – What is your reading aesthetic?

Are you up late at night reading with the stars out your window? Or is your favorite place to read on the grass in the summer sun? Or are you fond of shadowy library stacks, or warm leather armchairs with a latte on the table beside you? Do you shelve your books based on topic, color, author — or do you just try to fit the newest addition to your library into whichever shelf you can just barely make room in?

Are you the cottage core reader with their picnic blanket reading in the summer sun? The librarian in their cozy cardigan? The dark academic with a paperback in their pocket? The collector with their hardbacks neatly in a row? The insomniac with their dog-eared pages? Or are you the cozy autumn reader with their hot chocolate and knit sweater?

I think most of us are whirls of a couple of these types.

I’m an old-school grandeur. I like to appreciate the slow turning of pages. I flaunt my collection of the beautiful edition covers of the classics on my shelf. I love delving into my refined palette for literature in somewhere cozy, either in a café, or in a little corner of the local library or bookstore or on my window seat! Just me with my book, a pen and my journal for my trailing thoughts!


12 thoughts on “What is your reading aesthetic?

  1. Okay, I never really thought about my reading aesthetic. But, It would be either in an isolated and stuffy library with huge letter chairs that are better fit for thrones. I also read a lot in my bed, curled up under the blanket.
    The post is so well-written. I loved it! ❤️

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