30 Days, 30 Outfits: What I learnt from ‘shopping’ my closet!

Hola amigos!

Remember I told you guys I have started shopping my closet! Well, I took up a challenge this month to wear 30 different outfits on 30 different days! I geared up for what seemed to be an easy enough challenge that turned out to be much more poignant than I could’ve imagined!

30 Days | 30 Outfits

There’s one statistic I read a few months back that really bothered me. It’s called the 20/80 rule; it states we apparently wear only 20% of our closet 80% of the time.

Now, I’ve done multiple closet clear outs, donating or gifting what I no longer want. And at first, I’d thought by clearing out all the stuff that no longer “sparked joy”, I could enjoy looking at a wardrobe full of stuff I would wear regularly. However, the closer I kept an eye on what my hand would reach for, or which clothes were laundered the most, I realized I still fit into that statistic.

What have I learnt from this challenge of mine?

  1. Knowing which clothes give me joy.
    The first three weeks were very smooth when I knew exactly what I wanted to wear. These are the outfits that gave me joy! The last week of the month I started struggling, not because I didn’t have anything to wear, but because I didn’t enjoy the remaining outfits!
  2. Saving money!
    Of course, this is a given! Trying to use up everything that I have and buying no new clothing item obviously was friendly for my pocket.
  3. There’s more than one way to wear something.
    I upcycled many pieces that were collecting dust in my closet, into fresh and fun clothes I now wear constantly. And the excitement of (re)making something adds to how you will feel in your ‘new’ garment!
  4. Being sustainable.
    Adopting sustainable fashion does not start with buying sustainable clothing, but with using every everything that you own.
  5. Only keep what serves my lifestyle!
    Whether it’s hanging on to clothes that don’t fit or stocking up on garments that better suited a past lifestyle. If you don’t get any wear out of it now, maybe it’s best it’s not in your closet. In my case, since there were lots of clothes I didn’t see myself wearing under any circumstance within the next few months, I decided to say farewell.


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