Six Ways To Overcome Your Tsundoku Syndrome

#QOTD – Do you have a habit of picking up books that you never quite get round to reading?

I love books. If I go to the bookstore to check a price, I walk out with three books I probably didn’t know existed beforehand. I buy second-hand books by the bagful, while explaining to my folks that it’s for a cheaper price. Even the smell of books grips me, that faint aroma of earthy vanilla that wafts up at you when you flip a page. Divine!

The problem is that my book-buying habit outpaces my ability to read them. Yet, I buy and have occasional pangs of guilt over the unread volumes and overspent money. Sound familiar? If yes, then you have Tsundoku Syndrome as well.

Now, what is tsundoku? It means buying books but letting them pile up in one’s home without reading them. It is also used to refer to books ready for reading later when they are on a bookshelf. Finding this term was like finding that your rare medical condition, previously undiagnosed and unknown to Western medicine, actually has a name. 

Follow the below plan to overcome your Tsundoku Syndrome and save some money –

  1. Re-organize your bookshelf and separate the books in different piles of read and unread! You’ll notice your unread books more and besides, it will feel so satisfying to be able to add books to the read pile.

  2. Read books, don’t Netflix! Divide the time, and do justice to both!

  3. Go paperless, and get an e-reader. You can read so much more. Thousands of books at your disposal. And, no clutter! Win – win! Do not try to read on your phone, because that device is too distracting. It is a one time investment. No straining your eyes and no pop-up notifications!

  4. Put yourself on a book budget or go full blown on a book shopping ban! Just like shopping your closet, start shopping your bookshelf!

  5. Join the bookstagram community! You will be able to participate in readalongs and have some amazing bookish discussions. It will also cultivate your aesthetic side. You get to photograph some beautiful pictures, and of course, you get to pen down your thoughts of your last read. In and all, you will have a boost of motivation from the cozy whimsical vibe of your fellow bookstagrammers!

  6. Finally, donate or sell the books which do not interest you! Do not feel guilty about getting rid of them without reading them first. Remember the joy they might bring to someone else eagerly waiting for that book! You were just not meant to be together!


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