Shop My Closet | Peachy Keen

Here is a casual weekend outfit that I have picked up from the in-house closet!

I have been wanting to own a pair of boot-cut jeans since forever, but the trend had gone and so had the jeans! Finally, I found this pair in Levis last month. So I picked it up! Don’t worry! I am not adding into my overflowing jeans collection. I just have one more pair and that is skinny!

The Peach-coloured solid woven regular top with gathered detailing, has a halter neck, sleeveless, button closure is from two years back and I picked it up online from DressBerry in Myntra. Isn’t it pretty?

The red textured bucket bag is also from DressBerry in Myntra. It is a bucket bag so it doesn’t have sections in it. It holds a lot of things, but if you want an organized bag, this is not the one for you!

The sunglasses are from Accessorize India, picked it up from the Kolkata airport this January while travelling to Guwahati! The pink heels are from Khadims, and they go perfectly with any cool toned outfit!

Finally the watch is my favourite! It is a Bulgari watch, and I have been wearing this watch since the last 15 years! I do not have a link to it! I don’t even know if they make this design anymore.

So, here it is! Shopping my closet is more fun than I thought!


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