Review | Emma by Jane Austen

#QOTD – Do you know anyone who loves to get into other people’s business?

I have a friend who literally gets into everyone’s business. She is convinced that she is a natural therapist to everyone’s problems. She has this fantastic talent for getting people to tell her about their lives, and then she leaves no chance to meddle into it. With an exceptional wit and a fantastic sense of humor, you would want to talk to her more.

But you know what the amazing part is, her own life is in a disbalance. She hasn’t got her own relationship together, neither with her husband, nor her boyfriend, neither with the parents, nor with her daughter. Yet she leaves no chance in giving her precious opinion. But, we still like her. She is interesting, funny and intelligent!

And that is how Jane Austen’s Emma is!

Emma Woodhouse, is “handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and a happy disposition”. She imagines herself to be a gifted matchmaker, and a problem solver, and she decides to find a suitable husband for her friend, Harriet Smith. She’s petty, naïve, and extremely selfish. She tries to control situations so that they benefit her, which is clear as she convinces her best friend not to marry a man she’s obviously attracted to simply because Emma looks down upon his social-standing. She has good intentions, and she learns through the plot, and we all love a character that develops in the storyline. But at the same time, she is unlikeable in so many ways!

Pick up this book! Its funny, intelligent and it has George Knightley *drools*!


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