Review | The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

#QOTD – Have you ever done something which you did only to keep the value of your or your family’s good name?

I think we all have!

Well if you are an Indian, you might be well acquainted with the most common cliché – “Log kya kahenge” or “what will people say”. We all have memories related to this disease to please.

You want to become an artist/dancer/actor. Log kya kahenge!
Son or daughter is unmarried. Log kya kahenge!
I don’t want to look at someone, but he/she is a family friend, so smile and small talk.
Divorce. Dressing style. LGBT. And the list goes on!

Michael Henchard is an out-of-work hay-trusser who gets drunk at a local fair and impulsively sells his wife, Susan, and baby daughter. Yes, you read that right! He literally sells his wife and daughter. But what hits you even more is that the next morning when he wakes up and realizes what he has done, his first concern is to remember whether he divulged his name to anyone during the course of the previous evening. 

The value of a good name is abundantly clear right from the first few chapters of the novel. From the very beginning of the novel Henchard is presented to the reader as a drunk and a careless man. This one is the perfect cause-and-effect plot, where every action has an equal reaction. He regrets his mistakes, and yet he does another one and suffers for it!

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