Review | Villette by Charlotte Brontë

#QOTD – Do you think you can let out all your secrets in your journal? Or may be in your stories, or even your autobiography, if you ever write one?

I don’t think I can. I have always been a very talkative person, but I am still an introvert. There have been times when I have denied my feelings to myself as well. 

Our protagonist, Lucy Snowe is very similar. She is such an introvert that she keeps things from the reader as well. She is exploring herself and she doesn’t want the society to decide for her as to what she needs. She doesn’t want a man to complete her. She wants to be enough for herself.

This is one of those classics, which doesn’t bombard us with a lot of background information about its characters. It’s about how the characters think and act, rather what they have done. This is different from the other classics I have read, and I liked it.


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