Reflections| The Goddess in India by Devdutt Pattanaik

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Today, I do not have a #QOTD , rather I have many questions! I question the answers that have dictated by our Hindu mythology.

“Woman must accept her biology. Man does not have to.”

Why does a man get to get away with it?

“Fertility, not personality, is what makes woman, earth, and goddess divine.”

Does this mean that a woman who doesn’t give birth, is not worth defining?

“Man can have sex for fun.”

Does this mean that women can’t?  Although I had read in another mythological story (Devdutt Pattanaik’s Shikhandi), that a woman’s orgasm is more euphoric.

All this is directed by the Hindu mythology!

Am I wrong in asking these questions?

As a woman, do I have to be a mother to have a personality? Can I not have sex for fun? Should I feel guilty to have enjoyed sex?




6 thoughts on “Reflections| The Goddess in India by Devdutt Pattanaik

  1. More time we spend in reading our mythology, more questions arise in our minds. But sadly, there are no answers, just elders to shun our inquisitivness and lack of faith. Logic should supersede faith, but our world doesn’t work that way.

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  2. Yes, I greatly admire our mythology too. Your statement is absolute truth, though it isn’t only our elders, every country transcends based on their mythologies. A progressive society must be blend based on taking pros from different societies while being deeply rooted their beliefs which does not harm any individual.

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  3. In any era, the idealogies regarding the lifestyles of any gender is decided by the perspective of the majority of the people living in that era or point of time!!! In our present world tooo its happening the same way..
    But at least now people have started paying heed to the gender equality!!
    Many things have been done…
    But definitely many more things have to be done…
    May be we all must change the way we understand and interpret mythological stories in a manner which is more progressive in this era of ours.

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