Review | Middlemarch by George Eliot

“A woman must learn to put up with little things. You will be married some day.”

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This line struck me hard, may be because I recently got married, and somewhere I have realized that it’s true!

In today’s time, a girl doesn’t have to put up with big things like conventional dressing or putting up sindoor everyday, but there are these little things that have changed!

These little things can hardly be pointed out, but they exist! Starting with, its a different house, different set of norms, different language in my case, different kind of eating habits, different sleep timings! Its a different normal, and I am changing my normal.

Dorothea Brooke, our protagonist, is ambitious, idealistic, free-spirited, and kind, yet these admirable aspects of her personality make it difficult for her to conform to the gender norms of the society in which she lives. Her passion of horse riding not conforming with societal expectations of women, makes her feel ashamed of it and attempts to suppress it. Dorothea’s attempt to suppress her own desires and personality confuses her.

Middlemarch is a study of the provincial life in the Victorian era, but my question is, have we completely transformed from that time? Don’t we have a few Dorotheas amongst us, or rather a little of Dorothea within us?

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