Review | Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetHello everyone!

Back when I was 17, I was in a relationship with my best friend. He was the ultimate boyfriend – loyal with a fantastic sense of humour and very romantic! We started our relationship in a long distance situation, as I moved to a new place. We were super-excited when I came back to the city for my college. No more distance!

But gradually I realized I didn’t want to answer anyone’s questions. I didn’t want to do something just to keep somebody else’s heart. I know a little selfish of me, but I was 18 then. So I decided to break up. I knew I’ll lose my best friend, but I decided to go with my heart. All our mutual friends hated me because he didn’t do anything wrong. But I fell in love with my freedom too much to have changed my mind. And let me tell you, I stayed single for the next five years, until I found a man who accepted my first love of freedom!

When Anna Karenina decides to accept Vronsky’s love, the whole of Russia curses them both. Honor, hypocrisy, betrayal, sincerity and forgiveness color Anna’s journey in struggling to achieve happiness. When Anna questioned the meaning of marriage, inevitable changes also approached those around her.

I loved the fact that there are no villains  in this work of Tolstoy. Rather, people are more or less confused by themselves, by society, by the decisions they have to make, by their own hidden weaknesses. 

In a world dominated by men, a woman with all the courage she can gather, tries to choose to obey her heart. I think that is more than a reason to pick this up as your next novel.


11 thoughts on “Review | Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

  1. Wow. I just felt like your story was adapted by this book. But kudos to you for being strong, even though it meant sailing in the other direction. Sad to hear you lost your best friend, but glad and happy that you found yourself!


    1. Hah! Imagine Tolstoy getting inspired by me. That would be huge. But we’ll thank you for not judging my decision. It was a big step, but as you said I found myself.


      1. Huge step? It’d be breaking news😂
        And hey, I’m no one to judge anyone, it’s your personal decision, and like I said before, I’m happy you found yourself 😀

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