Leaving My Bookshelf Behind

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Hello wormies!

Happy Sunday!

So today I completed exactly four months of my marriage! I moved cities (again. Another story there!) and I miss home! I miss the dinner table conversations with Maa & Deota (Dad in Assamese). I miss the green view of the park from my balcony. I miss lazing around and doing nothing on my bed! And materialistically, I miss my books and my shelf!

This is a picture of my shelf in Delhi, my home! I never had a huge shelf or even an aesthetic one! But whatever it was, it was mine! Now, I tried getting most of my books but not all. Here in my new home I have a shelf but it doesn’t have all my books! More reasons to go book shopping post lockdown!

I have moved between cities all my life, but I have always come back home, come back to Delhi after staying away for a few years. The very fact that this time its a permanent move away from my shelf, its just taking time to sync in! Leaving my bookshelf behind is tough!


5 thoughts on “Leaving My Bookshelf Behind

  1. Even though it’s small as you say, I think that it’s filled with wonderful memories. The photo of your bookshelf that you took is very nostalgic. Wishing you a happy married life! ❤

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  2. Hi, talking of book shelves, I have made a book collection for my son hoping that he grows up to be an avid reader. He’s only three right now.
    Thanks and much appreciated for sharing

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