Kolkata | Flury’s

IMG_20190818_142345Finally made it to this place which has been running since 1927, for their classic English breakfast. The platter is gigantic and a fulfilling brunch that will buck you up for many hours.
We tried the usual English breakfast accompanied with beverages. The price was 950 including beverages, and 750 excluding beverages.
It might appear to be a little overpriced given the fact that it tastes like English breakfast served at any other place. But then again that is the very virtue of this platter. It must be kept English and classic and that is what they serve. The ambiance has a chic decor with an elegant thirties design tearoom serving Indian and European cakes and pastries. Sometimes on the run you could drop by for perhaps just a cup of coffee and some amazing quiches.
As long as the breakfast platter is concerned , might not visit too often solely for the platter because it indeed is a little overpriced. But nonetheless, if your English habits are serious, do visit the place.

Where: 18A, Park Street, Kolkata
Phone: 033 4000 7453


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