Kolkata | Mocambo

Devilled Crab

Mocambo dates back to 1956, but with old-fashioned seats in scalloped red leather, it feels more like a mood-lit 1970s steakhouse. There are certain places that define Kolkata. Mocambo is one of the many. You take your friends from other parts of the country when they visit Kolkata, to Victoria Memorial and then to Mocambo. A very loyal following comes here for their devilled crab, and it is a must try item.



Chicken A-la Kiev


Try the Chicken A-la Kiev oozing with butter, Fish a la diana or tettrazini. Anything you pick is a winner. Although for desserts I feel Park Street has other better options.

Heritage dining experience, and a classy decor comes with a high price, but let me tell you, that crab is worth every penny!




Where: Ground Floor 25B, Park Street, Kolkata
Phone: 033 2229 0095


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