Balwant Kaur Na Aayi

To gaayein papad wale awaaz mein –

“Saarya bibiyan aayiyan
Balwant Kaur na aayi
O te kendisi main barah vaje aawangi – 2
Itthe vaj gaye dhaiiiii
Balwant Kaur na aayi”

superthumbIf I have to talk about meeting the cast of a serial, then there is no way that I won’t mention about saddi Balwant Kaur!!! Thanks to Barun Sobti and Akshay Dogra for giving us this song. Since then we have used this song in every possible situation. Like there was this time when our production logistics manager always used to promise us that we’ll all take a break and have a beer party – but we never saw that happening, so we sang-

“O te kendisi main beer pilavangi – 2
Lassi bhi na payiiiiii
Balwant Kaur na aayi”

Balwant Kaur to milne se rahi – I should move on to talk about the experiences we had with these casts!
With the D3 cast it was all about dancing….we talked dance, we sang dance and yes we danced dance!!
217083-iss-pyaar-ko-kya-naam-doon-still.jpgWith the IPKKND cast it was all about off screen moments and the fun they have on sets. They gave us inside info on shooting techniques and how body double and sets are used, and the story behind deciding the show title. I was always more fascinated about how things work behind the camera, so this was my chance to know it all.
Their usage of breaks to bond with the cast by inventing games on sets like playing frisbee with mudha cushions!! And we realised that they themselves find their story lines very funny.
These were some “vishesh tippani” from Barun Sobti about the story!

1. “Main to chilled out hu, but Arnav to heavy duty hai bhai.”
2. “Arnav ka pata nahi par Barun ko itni sari news ek din mein mil jaye to main 5 baar behosh ho jau bhai!”
3. “Arnav aayega na Khushi ke saamne to koi kuch bhi kare aur Arnav chahe gadhe ki tarah khada bhi rahe na to bhi shaadi Arnav se hi honi hai uski”
4. On eye locking scenes – “I can count the lines in his eyes now!”

Well there was a lot more but in and all we learnt a lot n had loads of fun!

P.S. – I am still looking for Balwant Kaur…mil gayi to ek aur post hoga unke naam!!


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