Kolkata | Waterside Café, Hyatt

IMG_20190815_141448_1When the address says, Hyatt, we know we are dealing with some pretty classy stuff here! The Waterside Cafe is a 24-hour hotel cafe with high French windows, charming interiors, well-maintained greens and the aqua pool; the ambiance in the aptly named Waterside Cafe is stunning. It’s a grand ambiance, although the food was just about average. It was good, but Calcutta has better options.

If you are going for the buffet, keep enough space for the desserts. They have a wide variety of desserts and their chocolate desserts are simply too good.

The buffet rates vary from weekend to weekdays and special holidays. Do contact Cafe reception for details.

Salad Bar

Where: Hyatt Regency, Salt Lake City, 1, JA Block, Sector III, Kolkata
Phone: 033 2517 1425






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