Essential Oils Have Become An Essential

IMG_20190702_072122I know I have talked about my oily skin in every skincare post! And here I am talking about including essential oils. But trust me if you do some research, and know what suits you best, these oils will become your new favorite!

Before you start keep in mind a few things –

  1. Do a patch test before you put it on your face!
  2. Do not use essential oils directly on your skin. Dilute the essential oils with a carrier oil (I use Jojoba or Rosehip).

I have tried a few and let me just give you all my experience in brief! None of the oils made my skin greasy, so I guess I picked up the right ones!

  1. The first one that I tried was the Tea Tree Essential Oil. With my super acne prone skin and equally dehydrated skin, this oil calms down my skin’s inflammation! I swear by this oil.
  2. The second one I tried is the Lemon Essential Oil. First the aroma is just amazing if you like the smell of a lemon that is! I mix it with a Jojoba carrier oil, and I apply it only at night, because it is highly photo sensitive! *Vitamin C Alert* It gives that nice glow you need right when you wake up in the morning!
  3. Then I bought the Geranium Essential Oil. It This one gives a little tingling sensation, but again it has a beautiful floral scent, which also acts as a de-stressing element. Apparently this aids in healing acne scars, but I have only used it for two weeks so no comments there! But yes, it does regulate sebum production.
  4. Next I got the Frankincense Oil. This one is also a natural astringent just like the Geranium Oil. It really soothes skin inflammation.
  5. I also bought a Turmeric Essential Oil, but I have not included it in my routine yet! This one also brings that glow to the skin!
  6. And finally, I incorporated Rose Essential Oil, and it makes me feel like a goddess! The fragrance is beautiful, and it instantly lifts up dull and tired skin! I mix two drops with my daily moisturizer!

All products mentioned in this post are just examples of products that I love and would recommend for oily skin. Please do not feel pressured to go out and buy all these products. If you are using products that you like and they work for you, then, please let me know in the comments. I would love to try them out! And, if  you’re up for trying something new, the products mentioned in this post are all amazing and 100% recommended!



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