Between Bertram’s And Radisson

2019-07-08-22-14-14-782Sipping a strong cup of coffee in a comfy cozy Radisson bed and curling up with a Christie mystery about a murder At Bertram’s Hotel.

Don’t you just love being in hotels? Luxuriously have a new feeling everyday.

Miss Marple goes to London, to Bertram’s Hotel. She stayed there as a girl and was charmed by the atmosphere and place. Now she’s back in this place and realizes that the hotel has kept that charm despite modern times. Bertram’s has a “nice old-fashioned clientele, comfortable, old-fashioned premises, nothing racket-y about it, a lot of luxury without looking luxurious.” Aristocracy, clergymen, wealthy tourists, army officers and older ladies that like the Edwardian style stay there.

But Miss Marple cannot be enjoying the leisure for very long without any thrill. So there is a murder, but it happens quite late in the tale. Yet there are strange goings on all over the place, and as a reader, one can certainly feel Miss Marple’s unease and yet, neither we nor her can point our finger quite at it. But when things do start to happen, the excitement builds up a lot more.

Let me enjoy this read in my room!


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