Assam | Untouched Dighaliati

My Nani’s House

Back when I was a kid, I always loved to visit my nani’s place! Not just because I loved seeing her every year, but also because I was fascinated with the place – Dighaliati. It’s a small village in the Nagaon district of Assam. My mother’s childhood abode! It has always been that place which disconnected me from the hustle and bustle of the city life, and connected me with nature!


Although a lot has changed in this place and yet a lot is the same! Earlier there was one landline which would hardly work, then in the mobile era we would not get any network beyond the main door of the house, so if one has to talk, one has to almost hit the road! Whereas now, you are connected to the world (phone calls and mobile data) even in the backyard!

IMG_20190621_101747Travelling from Delhi, I always used to get fascinated with a few things in this place. Like the sky was more blue in the day, and it had more stars at night. And, how every house kept their main doors open all day long! No bloody fear. Everybody knew everybody so there were random conversations. And I always felt Dighaliati was a few degrees cooler. But now, there are less starry nights, people lock their doors during the day, it was bloody hot and humid, and almost all familiar faces have moved to the city!


Organic Eating – Veggies from the Garden




But the greenery still remains. Organic eating is still enjoyed. The entire village still wakes up very early, and there are still no street lights, and everybody is in bed by maximum 10! Trust me, mostly it’s 9!

So I guess the place is seeing urbanization! Development is reaching various corners of India. And I know, we all want that but somehow I want to save this place from all this development! I know this is hypocrisy talking! But I guess somewhere I want Dighaliati to be just the way it always has been! Untouched.



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